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"Love at first sight" best describes my introduction to the Labradoodle breed back in 2001, while reading an article on Autism and the benefits of Labradoodles as companion dogs with ASD children. Our first Labradoodle joined our home shortly after in 2004 as a companion for our autistic son. Our 2nd Labradoodle Charlie, has been with us since 2013. They have brought tremendous joy and love to our family and everyday life. In fact, they are the inspiration and motivation behind the creation of Brookside Labradoodles, and the direction of the next chapter of our lives. Since retiring from the business world and sending the last of our 6 children off to college, I can think of nothing better than to fill my days with what I love, sharing my joy for Labradoodles. Along with being a full time working mom, dogs have always been an integral part of my life. I have had many adventures with dogs over the years, from assisting  and training with Sacramento County Sheriffs Department K-9 officers, to co-owning and training drug detection dogs, to being a part of breeding and showing dogs in the AKC arena. And now, I feel so fortunate to surround myself with my wonderful Labradoodles.

Brookside Labradoodles is committed to giving great care and attention to all aspects of our breeding program.

It is our goal to breed to the highest standards possible while preserving and advancing the characteristics of the Australian Labradoodle.
Our breeding selections are based on producing labradoodle puppies with exceptional temperament, health, coat and conformation. We searched far and wide for our first dogs. Selecting and importing the best dogs with proven bloodlines. We are dedicated to breeding genetically sound puppies that excel as therapy and service dogs, as well as being loving and outstanding pets. Each and every puppy is born and raised in our home. They are given an abundance of love and attention during their time with us. We provide every puppy a healthy physical and mental start in life. In addition, we provide continued support and information to our puppies new families. 




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