Brookside Winter Storm "Ellie"




Color: Apricot Parti. Coat: Fleece. Size: Medium 19" 30lbs

Ellie is a stunning Apricot extreme Parti girl. She has piercing black eyes and a black nose. She is a beauty like her mom "Willow" and personality plus like her Dad " Doc". She is  very people orientated and loves to please. Ellie lives with her adoring guardian Dad in West Sacramento.



Ocean States Party On "Gus"




Color: Caramel Parti  Coat: Fleece. Size: Small Standard

THANKFUL... truly describes my emotions with this boy. Gus is from a long line of certified therapy dogs. Paired with our Brookside girls, Gus will continue with our tradition of quality therapy temperament puppies. Gus is intuitive and thoughtful with just the right amount of Labradoodle-goofy mixed in. In addition to personality, Gus is the whole package with beautiful confirmation. He is solid and well balanced in both form and function. Yet again a home run for Brookside Labradoodles. Thank you Stefani @ Ocean States in Rhode Island for partnering again with us in California.



Brookside Dressed in Lace "Maggie"




Color: Cream Coat: Fleece Size: Mini 22lbs

Lovable Maggie is certain to warm her way into everyone's heart. She is definitely living up to her wonderful parents legacy (Cody & Dolly) in both labradoodle looks and temperament. Maggie is a beauty inside and out. She is also super smart and passing all of her training classes with flying colors. Maggie lives with her guardian family in Modesto.


Hales Finer Things aka Amara


ALCA- 272-01272017-016-B


Color-Cafe Coat: Fleece Size: Mini 20 lbs

This little sweet pea mini comes to us from Hales Labradoodles. Amara has a beautiful silky-soft smooth coat with highlights that seem to shimmer. She is the biggest love-bug and very people focused. Thank you to Heather Hale for trusting us with this beautiful little girl. She lives with her sidekick guardian mom in Lodi CA


Brookside Eleanor Rigby




Color: Chocolate Coat: Fleece Size: Large Medium 40lbs

Rigby has the sweetest heart and kindest nature. She loves to play with her twin (human) brothers and romp with her other household dog family. But her favorite pastime is snuggling up next to her Guardian Mom. With her silky soft coat and easy temperament, we are excited about her future puppies. She is sure to carry on a solid structure and exception confirmation that we strive for at Brookside Labadoodles.

Brookside Harper




Our ridiculously adorable mini Harper. She is a perfect example of a labradoodle with all the charm and easy-floppy personality that we strive for. We are certain the future will be bright for this little girl and can not wait to have her puppies running around. Harper loves to go wine tasting with her guardian Mom & Dad. They enjoy the wine, she enjoys all the attention! 

Brookside Adorable Miss Abby

Oh Abby! I am so proud of this gorgeous-sweet girl. I knew very early that this girl was something special. Not only did she have all the makings of a beauty, her temperament is spot on all Labradoodle. She is super sweet, smart, loving & fun. In addition, Abbie has the perfect Australian Labradoodle coat: soft-gentle waves that feel like silk. We are overly excited about Abby becoming a mom for future Brookside puppies. Abby lives in a Golf course community ,with her guardian Mom & Dad, where she loves her daily walks. 

Brookside Warm & Cozy Coco


ALCA -272-11102018-011-LB1


Color-Chocolate. Coat: Fleece Size: Small Standard

Oh this girl will keep you warm and cozy anytime. Coco has an extremely soft,silky non-shedding coat She is truly a snuggle bug & loves her people. Coco is duplicate of her mom Brooke all wrapped up in a smaller package. She is perfectly balanced in structure with excellent conformation. Coco is solid and big boned girl, much like that of her Lab heritage. We are so excited that she has passed all of her testing and ready to add her puppies to the Brookside Family. Coco is a very loved member of the Tilley family in Concord CA.

Aussie L's Finn MacCool




Color: Dark Caramel  Coat: Fleece  Size: mini 22lbs

Finn is proof that it takes years of experience and passion to produce what the world had grown to love in the Australian Labradoodle. I am so fortunate to have worked with Kari at Aussie Labradoodles in Ohio to bring this boy to Brookside. It was true love at first sight with this remarkable boy! He is everything and more. Aside from being the most darling dog ever, he has an amazing soft fleece coat. Finn is the smartest boy with hands down the best temperament. He is calm, gentle and adores his 4  human siblings. Many thanks to Kari for trusting me with the incredible Finn. Can not wait to see his puppies in 2020.

As a side note his OFA and Penn Hip scores are some of the best I have ever see. OFA: excellent  & Pinn Hip: 0.3

Available for Stud Service - to approved breeding programs






Brookside Grace

Yes dreams really do come true, and I have been dreaming of this girl forever! Grace is the complete Labradoodle package and she was created right here at Brookside. She has the most soft fleece coat with outstanding confirmation. She is just an adorable little girl with the temperament to match her over the top looks. I can not wait for Grace puppies in late 2021

Brookside George "Beau"

This little man is such a cuddle bug. He is just a pure joy to be around as he is very people focused. Beau is a mini but built like a tank. He is still a young man, but was identified very early as the type of stud that we are looking for here at Brookside. He is well balanced with excellent structure and substantial boning.

Beau is a loved member of his guardian family that live just a few blocks from us.

Brookside Copper Cody


ALCA - 272-10282016-001-LD1


Color: Red  Coat: Fleece. Size: Medium 18 inches 31lbs

We are excited and proud to introduce our very own Cody. He is a super playful & funny guy with the most loving gentle personality.  Cody lives with his Guardian family that he adores. He often goes to work with his Mom & Dad to their Dental practice in Sacramento.  Cody is a multi-gen Australian Labradoodle.

Health Clearances β€‹
OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Normal Elbows, vWD Clear, EIC Clear, CERF Clear

Available for Stud Service - to approved breeding programs


Our Mom's


Our Dad's


Brookside Peaches N Cream

Miss Peach is just one bundle of sweetness. She is a total love bug with a stunning soft fleece coat. Peach is the happiest of girls with her tail always wagging. We are so excited and proud to have this girl as a future mama for Brookside. Peach lives with the Conner Family along with her mama Delilah.





Brookside Sweet Olive

ALAA 074764



Color: Red Coat-Fleece Size: 35lbs

How I love our sweetest Olive. This special girl is full of playful spunk. She just makes me smile. She is so fun to be around with all her silliness. But don't let this silly girl fool you, she is a smart one and an extremely quick learner. Olive has a beyond beautiful wavy fleece coat that is silky soft. She lives with her guardian mom & dad in Roseville and is so proud & watchful of her new human sister.


Brookside Oh my Delilah




Color: Red Coat: Fleece Size: Medium 35lbs

We are so excited to introduce our extremely adorable red-head Delilah. With her intuitive and loving nature, she will surely carry on the therapy line legacy of her mom Rita. Delilah makes us very excited for the next generation of Brookside Labradoodles. Delilah lives with the wonderful Conner family where she is the star of the show!



Brookside Royal Princess Roya


ALCA- 272-04092017-001-LB1


Color: Red. Coat: Fleece. Mini: 15" 20lbs

We are over the moon in love with this girl. One look at her eyes will surely capture your heart. Roya is very calm, sweet and loving. She is extremely people focused and makes instant friends. Roya enjoys going on adventures or just hanging out with her Guardian parents in Sacramento.

Riverbend's Hello Dolly




Color: Caramel. Coat: Fleece  Size: Mini 16 inches 25lbs

Our Dolly is simply a Doll on 4 legs. Her super soft coat and loving nature (with a bit of play-full added in) makes her the best kinda doodle. Dolly is the face of the WALA grooming card. Yes, she is just that good! The perfect Doodle in every way! Thank you Riverbend Labradoodles for trusting us with this wonderful girl. Dolly lives with her fun guardian family in Folsom along with our very own Brookside Millie.

Brookside Ruby Red


ALCA - 272-10282016-001-LB1


Color: Red  Coat: Fleece. Size Mini 16 inches 22lbs

She is magical! This girl has it all. She is smart, athletic, and has wonderful solid conformation. To top it off, her color is rich red just like her mom. Ruby lives in Elk Grove with her wonderful guardian family.  Her human sisters call her Unicorn because she is so magical. Ruby is a multi-gen Australian Labradoodle.


All of Our Breeding Mom's & Dad's have been very selectively chosen. They are exclusively Mutli-generation Australian Labradoodles all with heritage back to Australia's original kennels including Rutland Manor and Tegan Park. We are dedicated to breeding to the highest of standards.

Brookside Labradoodles have all undergone and passed extensive health testing earning the ALAA Gold Paw award and WALA All Star Breeder exclusive 8 Star award.

Brookside Honey "Molly"




Color: Caramel Coat: Fleece Size: Standard 50lbs

Her name says it all, as she is truly sweet as honey. This caramel girl took years in the making for us at Brookside. Getting her two parents together was just the magic we were waiting for. Molly's coat and well balanced structure are simply as good as it gets. She is happy as can be and a constant tail-wagger. She is also just about as smart as they come and has learned to travel well with her guardians in both their Travel Trailer, golf cart & boat! We are really looking forward to her sweet puppies in 2020.

Up and Coming  

Future Mom's & Dad's


Brookside Rosie Mamba

Mamba is such a calm and relaxed little girl. She sets the bar high in her training and well controlled behavior. We are so excited about the future puppies from this girl. She also has the most gorgeous soft coat.

Brookside One in a Million "Millie"


ALCA- 272-04282018-006-LB1


Color: Chocolate  Coat: Fleece. Size: Standard 22" 50 lbs

This wonderful girl comes from the most influential lines in the history of the Australian Labradoodle Breed. She is a beauty inside and out.  Along with her gentle nature and exceptional confirmation, we are certain she will contribute much to the continued development of the breed. Millie lives with her loved Guardian family in Folsom along with her bestie Brookside's  Dolly.

Bestland Gentleman Jack

ALCA- 188-06142018-031-LD1



Color: Caramel  Coat: Fleece  Size: Standard 21" 55lbs

Oh Jack, you are such an old sole. Jack lives up to his name in every way, as he is the most gentle loving boy. He is very intuitive and attentive: attributes that have made him a dream boy to train. Jack has a beautiful, extremely soft, wavy fleece coat. He is a very large boned boy. We are so excited to have him in our program. Jack lives with us @ Brookside and is never far from my side. Jack is a multi-gen Australian Labradoodle.

Health Clearances: Wallace Hips Good, OFA Hips, Elbows & Patella Normal vWD Clear, EIC, CERF clear

Available for Stud Service - to approved breeding programs


Brookside Bentley

​Is this boy for real! I just have to pinch myself I am so in love with him. From day one this little man has had the most calm and adoring nature. He is a go with the flow and learn anything quickly kind of guy. He lives in Granite Bay with his wonderful guardian family which includes his 2 human sisters.



Brookside Stella

Stella is simply the cutest parti girl. Oh and she knows how to party too! Along with giving lots of snuggles, she enjoys playing ball & showing off her many tricks. Her all-time favorite is watching basketball on TV. She has a gorgeous chocolate latte coat that blends beautifully with the shades of Fall. Stella lives with her fun guardian family in El Dorado Hills

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